What's new in version 9.0?

In version 9.0, ScheduleOnce is becoming part of the OnceHub platform. The OnceHub platform is the new home for our Once products: ScheduleOnce and InviteOnce.

The following product updates are introduced in this release:

New product - InviteOnce

While ScheduleOnce allows you to accept bookings based on a generic configuration, InviteOnce is a new product for scheduling personalized meetings. With InviteOnce, you can easily customize the scheduling requirements for each meeting and send a one-time, self-scheduling link or schedule on the customer’ s behalf.   InviteOnce uses Resource pools to dynamically schedule panels (multiple Team members meeting with the Customer simultaneously) and assign meetings based on Round robin or Pooled availability. Key use cases for InviteOnce include Sales Development Representatives scheduling meetings for Account Executives, Recruiting Coordinators scheduling interviews for hiring managers, support specialists scheduling troubleshooting sessions with customers, and more.

New URL for Booking page links

Starting with version 9.0, the URL for all Booking page links is changing to go.oncehub.com. If you are already a ScheduleOnce User, your link name will not change. For example, if you were using https: //meetme.so/dana, your new link will be https://go.oncehub.com/dana. We recommend updating your Customers with the new link, but this isn't required. If they click on your old link, they will automatically be redirected to your new link.

New OnceHub account

We have centralized the account login, User management, and account settings under the OnceHub account. If you are a ScheduleOnce User, your ScheduleOnce login has been converted automatically into a OnceHub account login. You will be able to use InviteOnce with your existing account Users without having to create a new account for InviteOnce. No action is required on your end and your ScheduleOnce account configuration will remain the same as before the release. 

In-app support widget and new support center

With this release, we have also redesigned our support center and rebuilt our support knowledgebase around ScheduleOnce, InviteOnce, and your OnceHub account. We have also added an in-app support widget so you can access help articles in a context-sensitive manner and open support cases right from within the app.

New location for Booking page access settings

The Booking page access settings page has been moved from the User profile to the Setup page in ScheduleOnce. You can find it under the top Booking page action menu (the three dots).

Figure 1: Booking page access  New location for Event type sections setting

The global settings for specifying which settings section will be on Event types vs on Booking pages have been moved from the Account settings to the ScheduleOnce Setup page. You can find it under the top Event types action menu (the three dots).

Figure 2: Event type sections 

New location for the PDF report header

The setting for uploading a custom PDF report header has been moved from the Account settings to the Action menu (the three dots) next to the PDF report download icon in each one of the report pages.

Figure 3: Customize PDF report header 

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