Using ScheduleOnce with web analytics

When building your marketing campaign, a scheduling call to action is the ideal contact method for serious prospects who are ready to engage. 

Typically leads are driven to your ScheduleOnce Booking pages from multiple online sources. For example you might receive ScheduleOnce bookings from mass emails, social media and pay per click (PPC) advertising. Tracking which campaign has generated the most bookings, can help you focus on the campaigns that matter.

In this case it’s best to use tracking technologies to identify the source of the booking. There are many third-party tracking technologies, such as Google Analytics. Typically they require that a snippet of HTML code is placed on the page that you’re tracking.

The simplest way to do this in ScheduleOnce is to add source tracking tags to personalized Booking page links (with different UTM tags for each of your campaigns that you wish to track) and redirect Customers to a custom landing page set up with your tracking code.

You can also "wrap" your Booking page with a custom landing page on either end of the booking process. This gives you 2 reference points for tracking, both the number of people that opened the Booking page and the number that completed the booking. 

Track leads who opened the Booking page

  1. Embed the Booking page on a custom landing page or website using Share & Publish.
  2. Add tracking code to the same custom page. For example using Google Analytics
  3. Use the URL for your custom page as the call to action from your email, PPC and social media campaigns. 

Track completed bookings

  1. Create a custom thank you page. 
  2. Add tracking code to the thank you page. 
  3. Your Booking page should automatically redirect to your custom thank you page. Learn more
  4. Every booking that is completed will automatically load your custom thank you page and trigger the embedded tracking code.

Your Booking page is now configured to track bookings.

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