Troubleshooting InviteOnce: How is availability retrieved for InviteOnce?

When you connect your Google Calendar account to OnceHub, InviteOnce is able to read the calendar to see when you are already busy. Learn more about busy time in Google Calendar

  • Any events labeled "busy" on your calendar will be considered unavailable time. Busy time on your calendar will restrict the time slot options that you are able to choose from when scheduling a meeting or sending an invitation. 
  • Events labelled "available" or "free" will be considered as available time for meetings.
  • Availability for Panel meetings is retrieved using calendar sharing: the User scheduling the meeting must have a calendar connected to their OnceHub account. Additionally, the User must also have at least free/busy access to the other Team members' calendars.
  • Availability is retrieved from the calendar associated with each Team member's sign-in ID and can only be retrieved from each Team members' main calendar.

If InviteOnce is not showing any available time slots, a number of things could be responsible. Learn more about fixing this issue here


While in beta, InviteOnce only supports a Google Calendar connection

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