Tips for integrating OnceHub with online forms apps

NoteWhen integrating with online forms apps, it's best to use one of our specific triggers.

The integration between OnceHub and online form apps via Zapier allows you to create new form entries when a new booking is made. You can use this functionality to create custom reports.

Supported use cases

Using OnceHub with Zapier provides support the following online forms use case:

  1. Maintaining a booking log. When a booking changes its status (e.g. Scheduled, Rescheduled, Canceled, Completed, No-show), a new entry can be added to your 3rd party online form app. Alternatively, you can maintain a dedicated form for each stage in the booking lifecycle.

Field mapping tips

Mapping OnceHub fields to online form fields is straightforward. The following fields may deserve more attention:

  • Field format in the online form. We recommend that you use free text fields in your integrated forms rather than using fields with a rigid format (such as a date field). Some online form apps cannot convert, for instance, “Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 2:15 PM” to a simple date format.

  • OnceHub Customer mobile phone field. When mapping this field to the online form, OnceHub does not send the + prefix (indicating an international number). If you want this prefix to be created, you can add it as static text before the field.

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