Tips for integrating OnceHub with email marketing apps

Note When integrating with email marketing apps, it's best to use one of our specific triggers.

This article includes helpful tips for integrating OnceHub with email marketing apps using Zapier as an integration platform.

Supported use cases

OnceHub email marketing integration via Zapier supports the following use cases:

  1. Create a contact when a booking is made. When a booking is made in OnceHub, a new subscriber, contact, or member can be automatically created in the email marketing app.

  2. Create a contact in a marketing campaign. Some email marketing apps allow for the creation of a new subscriber, member, or contact, directly in a certain campaign or drip.

Triggering booking events

Every time a booking is made or changes its status, OnceHub triggers a booking event change in Zapier. If you wish to make changes in your email marketing app as a result of a booking change, you need to create a Zap and set both a OnceHub trigger and an action in your app. OnceHub supports both specific triggers and composite ones.

Specific triggers are fired for each booking event as follows:

  • Scheduled Booking
  • Rescheduled Booking
  • Canceled Booking (Rescheduled)
  • Canceled Booking
  • Completed Booking
  • No-show Booking

When setting up a Zap on Zapier, you can choose one of the above triggers as shown in the screenshot below:

The composite trigger is called a Booking Lifecycle Event. This trigger is fired each time a booking is made or changes status. In order to use this trigger for specific booking events, you need to add a Filter step in the Zap. Learn more about adding a Filter step in Zapier

Field mapping tips

When passing fields from OnceHub through Zapier and into your email marketing app, some information might not pass through correctly as a result of the differences in field validations and constraints.

In order to make sure the information does pass through correctly to your email marketing app, you sometimes need to add custom text in the field mapping setting in Zapier. Below is an example of a specific OnceHub field that might need a prefix text in the field mapping setting.

  • OnceHub Customer mobile phone field. When mapping this field to a field in your email marketing app, OnceHub does not send the + prefix (indicating an international number). If you want this prefix to be created, you can add it as static text before the field. 

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