Step 4: Adding Users to your account

To coordinate Customer meetings for other Team members in your organization, you must first invite your Team members to join your OnceHub Account

Team members can work independently or participate in scheduling scenarios across the organization. In order to set up multi-User scenarios in ScheduleOnce, each Team member who will be receiving bookings should be added as a User in your OnceHub Account. 

Only OnceHub Administrators can add new Users.

To add a User:

  1. In your OnceHub Account, select the gear icon, which will open the Users page in the settings section.
  2. Click the Add User button (Figure 1).
    Figure 1: Users lobby
  3. In the Add a new User popup, type the new User's name and email address. This is the email address that email invitations will be sent to. The selected email address will also be used by the User to sign in.
  4. Next select the User role: Member or Administrator. Note that the User's role can always be updated by clicking on the User's profile in the User tab.
  5. Depending on the User's role, there are different permissions for ScheduleOnce and their OnceHub Account. Learn more about the differences between a Member and an Administrator
  6. Click Create User and send invitation

Congratulations! You've added a User to your account. Learn more about User management

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