Introduction to team scheduling scenarios

InviteOnce offers robust solutions for team scheduling scenarios. Using our flexible scheduling tools, you can set up a wide range of scheduling scenarios for your team.

Coordinating one-on-one meetings for other Team members 

With InviteOnce, you can easily schedule meetings for other Team members by directly assigning them to a meeting, adding an alternative Team member or via Resource pools. Learn more about coordinating meetings for other Team members

Coordinating Panel meetings 

InviteOnce allows you to create Panel meetings that enable Customers to meet with multiple Team members simultaneously. You can create panels with specific Team members, optional Team members or dynamic panels that use Resource pools to assign the relevant Team member. When scheduling a Panel meeting, the availability of all Team members will be used to calculate available time slots. Learn more about coordinating Panel meetings

Resource pools

Resource pools allow you to dynamically assign meetings among a group of Team members in the same department, location, or with any other shared characteristic. They can be used to schedule when coordinating both one-on-one and Panel meetings for other Team members. Each Resource pool has its own method for assigning meetings. As meetings are scheduled, you will be able to monitor how many meetings each Team member is assigned to and ensure an optimal distribution of bookings at any point in time. Learn more about InviteOnce Resource pools

Team scheduling scenarios FAQs

Read our Team scheduling scenarios FAQs for answers to common questions about team scheduling scenarios in InviteOnce.

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