Reserving a Room for your meeting

Once you’ve added Rooms or equipment to InviteOnce, any User in the account can reserve them, provided they have access to the Room's calendar.

 In this article, you'll learn about reserving a room for your meeting.

Assigning one or more Rooms directly to a meeting 

In this case, available time slots are based on both the availability of the Team members assigned to the meeting and the availability of the Room(s). Meetings can only be scheduled at a time when both the Room(s) and all Team members are available.    

This setup is useful when, for example, your recruiting coordinator needs to schedule a panel assessment interview for a prospective candidate. The candidate will need to present in front of multiple parties, including the coordinator and a Sales executive. Additionally, since this will be an on-site interview, a conference room will need to be reserved. The recruiting coordinator can create a Panel meeting by directly assigning the himself to the meeting, adding a Resource pool for the Sales Executives and then assigning a Room to the meeting. 

  1. In Step 1: Set your meeting details, click + Add Rooms (Figure 1).Figure 1: Add Rooms
  2. Select a Room or Resource pool from the drop-down menu. InviteOnce will calculate time slots that both the Room and the assigned Team members are available in. Learn more about reserving a Room or multiple Rooms for a scheduled meeting

Once the meeting has been scheduled, it will be added to the reserved Room's calendar.

Add one or more alternative Rooms to a meeting 

In this case, the availability of all selected Rooms is pooled to maximize availability. When a time slot in which to schedule the meeting is selected by you or by the Customer, only the available Room is assigned to the meeting. 

This setup is useful when more than one specific Room is suitable for the meeting, and you would like to maximize time slot availability. Learn more about setting up Rooms in InviteOnce

Add one or more Room Resource pools to the meeting 

In this case, a Room will be reserved via Pooled availability (Pooled availability is the only Assignment option available when you create a Room Resource pool).

This setup is useful when, for example, you are scheduling an on-site interview with a candidate and need to reserve one of the boardrooms in your boardroom Resource pool. When you schedule a meeting, available time slots are calculated based on the pooled availability of all Rooms in the pool. This helps to maximize availability.

Once a time slot is selected, the meeting is automatically assigned to an available Room with the longest idle time. Learn more about InviteOnce Resource pools

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