Maximizing booking rates using MailChimp and Zapier

When booking appointments is part of your email marketing campaigns, optimizing your booking rates becomes critical. In this article, we will show you how to integrate OnceHub with MailChimp using our Zapier integration, so that you track both bookings made, and more importantly, booking invitations that were missed or ignored. We call these, missed bookings. By tracking missed bookings, you are able to retarget them, and increase the overall booking rates for your campaign.

To better understand how our Zapier integration works, you should read up on how to integrate Zapier with email marketing apps and marketing automation apps.

Setting up MailChimp and Zapier to retarget missed bookings

MailChimp comes with a workflow engine that helps you automatically trigger the missed bookings campaign. The following is a step-by-step guide for integrating OnceHub with MailChimp using our Zapier integration. For this example, let's look at a lead qualification use case, whereby you want to send an email broadcast to a List of unqualified leads, inviting them to book a discovery call.

  1. Tag leads that DID make a Booking.

    • Create a List Group. We will create a Group under our existing List and name it “Booked”. This Group will be used to track those who have made a booking.

Note A Group is a MailChimp entity that allows segmentation of List Subscribers.

  • Zapier Trigger: OnceHub - Scheduled BookingIntegrate with MailChimp using Zapier. Integrate OnceHub with MailChimp using Zapier, to forward all OnceHub customer and booking information to MailChimp and add them to the List Group we defined above. Learn more about using Zapier to integrate with email marketing apps and using Zapier to integrate with marketing automation apps. Here is how your Zap on Zapier should be be set up:

    • Zapier Action: MailChimp - Add Subscriber

    • Make sure you select the List Group we defined at the top, so all Scheduled Booking events add leads to the right Group (List of leads and Managing booked events->Booked respectively in the screenshots below)

    • For more information on how to set up a Zap using Schedule as a trigger, use the creating a Zap using OnceHub as a Trigger article.


  1. Retarget leads that DID NOT make a Booking.

    • Create the 'Retargeting missed bookings' campaign. This campaign will target those who did not make a booking from the first campaign.

      • We need to segment the Subscriber List and only select the members that do NOT belong to the Booked group. This group will contain all those who have received the initial email and didn’t open, click or made a booking.

      • We could also add them to a new Group called Didn’t Book so we can easily find them next time.

    • Create the campaign trigger. Set up a campaign trigger that will automatically start several days after the initial marketing campaign was run.

    • Run your initial marketing campaign. Run your initial marketing campaign and make sure to monitor your retargeting missed bookings campaign.


NoteYou can run this campaign as many times as you need, in order to continuously maximize your booking rates.

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