Troubleshooting InviteOnce: No available time slots were found

There can be a number of reasons that no available time slots are found.

When Scheduling for yourself:

  1. Busy time from your calendar is completely blocking out your availability. To check this:
    • Open your connected calendar. If events in your calendar are labeled as "busy", the times will be blocked for InviteOnce. For example, you may have an all-day event that is set to busy, but it is actually just a reminder for a friend’s birthday. 
    • In order to address this issue, change the status of the event in your calendar to "available" or "free."
  2. Your calendar connection has been interrupted or you might have revoked the Google permissions for OnceHub. 
    • To renew your connection to your Google Calendar, simply go to your OnceHub Account-> open the left sidebar -> Calendar connection and click the Reconnect your Google calendar button.

When coordinating meetings for your team:

  1. The selected Team member does not have any availability during the meeting time frame. To fix this issue you can: 
    • Add an alternative Team member.
    • Assign the meeting to a Resource pool with the Pooled availability Assignment method, which will automatically assign a Team member with availability to the meeting. Learn more about InviteOnce Resource pools
    • Add the unavailable Team member as an Optional team member, in which case they will be assigned to the meeting regardless of the availability in their calendar.
  2. The selected Team member's calendar connection has been interrupted or they might have revoked the Google permissions for Oncehub. 
  3. You do not have access to the other Team members' calendars.
    • Availability for Team scheduling is retrieved using calendar sharing: the User scheduling the meeting must have a calendar connected to their OnceHub account. Additionally, the User must also have at least free/busy access to the other Team members' calendars. Learn more about coordinating meetings for your team

When scheduling on behalf of a Customer:

If you are Scheduling on behalf of a customer and no available time slots are found, you can view conflicting times on your calendar: 

  1. Open the action menu on Step 2: Select an available time slot and check the Show conflicts box (Figure 1).
    Figure 1: Show conflicts box
  2. Time slots that fall within your selected time frame but which are unavailable due to conflicts in the Team member’s calendar will be displayed. These conflicting time slots will be marked with an orange tag. 
  3. You can either manually override the time slot selection and select a conflicting slot anyway or adjust the time frame for your meeting.
    • When scheduling for yourself, you will be able to see what the conflicting event on your calendar is.
    • When coordinating a meeting for another Team member, if you have more than free/busy access to their calendar you will be able to view the event that the Team member has scheduled at that time. Learn more about time conflicts 

When inviting a Customer to self-schedule:

  1. If you are Inviting a Customer to self-schedule and you set a time frame that is longer than 7 days, InviteOnce will first search for availability in the first 7 days. 
  2. If no available time slots are found, click Scan additional days. InviteOnce will display all available time slots within the time frame. 


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