InviteOnce Resource pools: Resources section

The Resources section of the Resource pool is where you determine which Team members will be included in the pool. These are the Team members that will be assigned to meetings. How meetings will be assigned across these Team members is determined by the Resource pool's Assignment method. 


To define the Resources section in a Resource pool, you must be a OnceHub Administrator.

Adding and removing Team members

Go to Setup and click on Resource pools. Select the relevant Resource pool and navigate to the Resources section.  

  • To add a Team member to your Resource Pool, select them from the Add Team members drop down menu. 
  • To remove a Team member from a Resource Pool, click the trashcan icon next to their name.

You can add as many Team members as you like. How meetings will be assigned across these team members is determined by the Resource pool's Assignment method.

Figure 1: Resources section

Meeting received and Meetings removed

For each Team member, you will see the date joined, whether they are actively participating and receiving meetings, the number of meetings each Team member has received, and the number of meetings removed. You will also see the average number of meetings per Team member.

  • Meetings received - Total number of meetings received (within the Measurement cycle time period).
  • Meetings removed - Total number of meetings taken away (within the Measurement cycle time period) due to cancellations, expired invitations, or no-shows. 

Compensate for removed meetings

If you are using Round robin (strict or flexible) as your Assignment method, you can decide whether you would like Removed meetings to be compensated for. By default, this option is toggled on to make sure that any Team member who falls behind due to cancellation or no-shows is automatically moved to the front of the line until caught up. If for any reason you want to turn this off, you can at any point in time. 

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