Introduction to Rooms & equipment

When you schedule a meeting in InviteOnce, you can reserve Rooms and equipment based on their availability. This ensures that Rooms are never double-booked. For example, if you're scheduling an interview with a candidate which will take place at your offices, you can reserve a boardroom for the meeting. 

Adding Rooms and equipment

You can add a Room to InviteOnce by adding the email address that's associated with the Room in your organization's calendar account (Figure 1). Learn how to find a Room's email address

Figure 1: Adding Rooms in InviteOnce

Note If you're connected to Office 365 Calendar via OAuth, your Office 365 administrator must add you to a Room as a delegate before you can add it in InviteOnce. Learn more about adding delegates to Rooms

Reserving Rooms and equipment for your meeting

Once you’ve added Rooms or equipment to InviteOnce, any User in the account can reserve them, provided they have access to the Room's calendar. Learn more about reserving a Room for your meeting

Rooms & Equipment FAQ

Read our Rooms & Equipment FAQ for answers to common questions about adding and reserving Rooms and equipment in InviteOnce.

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