Introduction to templates

If you often schedule meetings with similar details and requirements, you can save the meeting requirements as a template. This saves you from having to define the same details each time you schedule a meeting, ensuring a streamlined scheduling process.

Creating templates

Templates can be created at any stage of the Schedule on behalf or Invite to self-schedule process. To create a template, simply click the action menu (three dots) at the top of the page and select Save as template. Note that External participant information is never saved to a template. A saved template can be opened in either scheduling scenario.

Figure 1: Save as template

When creating a template, you can choose to save the meeting description as part of your template. You can also control the template access settings:

  • Private: If you set your template access to Private, only you will have access to this template. This is useful when the template is only relevant to you (such as when you are scheduling for yourself) and not relevant to others, or when you want to hide this type of meetings from other Users. 

  • Account: If you set your template access to Account, all Users in your account will have access to it. This is useful if, for example, you need to create a standardized meeting template for each of your Sales Team members. Learn more about creating templates

Accessing and managing your templates

Using a saved template minimizes the amount of effort required to schedule a meeting.

  • To open a saved template, simply select one from the Templates list in the left sidebar (Figure 2). Figure 2: Templates list
  • A template can be used as a base and customized on a per meeting basis.
  • You have the option to add the open template to your favorites. To add a template to your favorites, simply select Add to favorites from the action menu.
  • You can also set a template as the Default scheduling configuration. Whenever you open the Schedule tab, the default template will open automatically. Learn more about managing templates
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