Finding your Support code

This article is updated to our latest release, which is being rolled out to all Users gradually. 

If you see a Schedule button  in the top navigation menu, you are viewing the updated version of OnceHub. Otherwise, you can expect to see this in the near future. Please contact us with any questions.

In this article, you will learn how to find your Support code.

Your support code enables us to access your account if necessary. All OnceHub accounts have a Support code. You might be asked to provide your Support code if you contact us through one of our support channels. 

To find your Support code:

  • Click on the Help and support dropdown menu (Figure 1) located in the top right corner of the main navigation bar inside your account.

Figure 1: Support code

NoteIf the Help and support option in the navigation bar does not change to a dropdown when you click on it, it is possible you are either not signed into your account, or you are signed in but haven't accessed your account yet. Once you're inside the account, you will be able to click on the Help and support dropdown menu and retrieve your Support code. 

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