Team scheduling scenarios FAQs

How is availability retrieved for Panel meetings?

Availability for Panel meetings is retrieved using calendar sharing: the User scheduling the meeting must have a calendar connected to their OnceHub account. Additionally, the User must also have at least free/busy access to the calendars of the Team members they are scheduling for. 

NoteAvailability is retrieved from the calendar associated with each Team member's sign-in ID. Availability is only retrieved from each Team member's main calendar. Learn more about how InviteOnce uses your calendars busy time

What happens if someone is not available? 

If a selected Team member does not have any availability during the meeting time frame, then a No times are available message will be displayed.

To fix this issue you can try the following solutions: 


If you are scheduling on behalf of a Customer, you have the option to view time slots that conflict with events in the assigned Team member's calendar. You also can schedule the meeting in a conflicting time slot despite the conflict. Learn more about time conflicts

How are Team members notified?

Once a meeting is confirmed, assigned Team members receive a confirmation email and the meeting is added to their calendar.

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