Rooms & Equipment FAQs

How can I find the Room calendar's email address?

There are two methods to find a Room calendar's email address:

  1. You can find the Room calendar email address (ID) in the Room's calendar settings. 
    • First, you need to add the Room's calendar to your own personal calendar. 
    • Then, open your Google Calendar -> Click on the specific Room's calendar action menu (three dots) -> Settings. Then, copy the Calendar ID (Figure 1). Figure 1: Room Calendar ID
  2. You can retrieve the entire organization Room list using a Google API. 
    • Open Resources.calendars: list in the Google API's explorer.
    •  Click the EXECUTE button.
    • A pop up will appear asking you to choose an account. Select your organizations Room calendar.
    • The entire organization Room list will be retrieved. 
    • In the results, look for the "resource Email" field. This is the Room's email ID.

Can I add Rooms in bulk? 

Yes. Multiple Rooms can be added at the same time by separating the email addresses with a comma, semi-colon, space or by adding them in separate lines. Learn more about adding Rooms & Equipment

Can I name the Room? 

Yes. Your Room name doesn't have to be the same name as in your organizational calendar. To define a Room name, use the following syntax when adding a Room: “Room name”<Room email address> Learn more about adding Rooms & Equipment

Why does the "Couldn't access calendar" error message appears when I try to add a Room?

This means you don't have access to that Room's email calendar. To fix this, ensure that you have access to the Room's calendar and check that there are no spelling errors in the Room email address.

Why does the "Availability cannot be retrieved" message appear when I try to reserve a room while scheduling a meeting?

You might not have access to the Room's calendar. If you do not have access to a Room’s calendar, you will not be able to reserve it for a meeting. Ask your account Administrator to give you access to the Room's calendar. Learn more about scheduling with Rooms

Do I need to schedule with a specific room, or can InviteOnce find one for me? 

Rooms can be reserved in many ways. You can:

  • Assign one or more specific Rooms directly to a meeting invitation.
  • Add one or more alternative Rooms to a meeting invitation. In this case, the availability of all selected Rooms is pooled to maximize availability. When a time slot is selected, an available Room is assigned to the meeting. 
  • Create a Resource pool for your Rooms. When you schedule a meeting, you can add one or more Resource pools to the meeting and a Room will be reserved based on the Resource pool's Assignment method. Learn more about reserving a Room or multiple rooms for scheduled meetings

How can I delete a Room?

To delete an unwanted Room, click the Delete button next to the Room name in the Rooms & Equipment tab. 

ImportantDeleting a Room will also remove it from meeting templates, Resource pools, and active invitations. It will not remove the Room from scheduled meetings.

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