Which account type do I use with my Outlook client?

This article helps identify which account type you use with your Outlook client, if any. 

This article is only applicable if you have installed Outlook on your desktop PC or Mac. Your Outlook client can be connected to one or more account types. Outlook can also be used in a standalone mode, with all data stored locally and not connected to any online account at all.

To determine the account type on a PC, open your Outlook client and go to File -> Account settings -> Account settings (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Outlook client Account settings (PC)

On a Mac, open your Outlook client and go to Outlook -> Preferences -> Accounts (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Outlook client Accounts section (Mac)

Your list may contain one account or more. Examine only the (calendar) that you wish to connect to ScheduleOnce. Depending on the type, name, or email of that account:

No accounts listed

When no accounts are listed, this means you are using Outlook in a standalone mode and your calendar may be titled Calendar (this computer only) or On My Computer (on a Mac). On a PC only, you can connect your local calendar to OnceHub using our PC connector for Outlook. A local calendar on a Mac cannot be connected to OnceHub.

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