Assignment method: Flexible round robin

Resource pools allow you to dynamically assign meetings among a group of Team members in the same department, location, or with any other shared characteristic. Each Resource pool has its own method for assigning meetings, such as Strict round robin, Flexible round robin or Pooled availability

This article explains the Flexible round robin Assignment method and how to set up a Resource pool with a Flexible round assignment.

When should I use Flexible round robin?

This is a hybrid method that should be used if achieving an equal distribution of meetings is important, but you would still like to retain some level of flexibility when it comes to assigning Team members to meetings. 

How are meetings assigned with Flexible round robin?

When you schedule a meeting, the next-in-line Team member is automatically selected but you can choose to manually override the selection. Available time slots are calculated based on the availability of the assigned Team member.

To manually change the Team member assigned to a meeting: 

  1. Create a Resource pool which uses the Flexible round robin Assignment method.

  2. Then, begin the Invite to self-schedule or Schedule on behalf process.

  3. From the Team members drop down menu in Step 1: Set your meeting details, select your Flexible round robin Resource pool. A team member from the pool will be automatically assigned to the meeting. 

  4. Click Change Team member (Figure 1).Figure 1: Set your meeting details

  5. The Team member selection pop-up (Figure 2) will appear. Select who should be assigned to the meeting:

    • The next-in-line Team member, based on round-robin - when you select this option, meetings will be assigned to the next Team member in line, ensuring an equal and fair distribution among the members of your pool.  
    • A specific Team member from the Resource pool - when you choose this option, meetings can only be scheduled at a time when the selected Team member has availability. 
    • Display the pooled availability for all Team members - If you choose this option, available time slots are calculated based on the pooled availability of all Team members. When a time slot is selected, the meeting is automatically assigned to one of the available Team members.
      Figure 2: Team member selection pop-up
  6. Click the Select button and continue with the scheduling process as normal.

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