Assigning licenses to Users

In order for a User to use a OnceHub product, they must be assigned a product User license. You can assign a license to a User in the Personal details section of their profile. 

Once a license has been assigned to a User, they will be granted immediate access to the product.


To assign User licenses, you must be a OnceHub Administrator.  

Assigning licenses

  1. Sign in to your OnceHub Account.  
  2. In the left sidebar, click Users.  
  3. Add a new User or select the specific User that you would like to assign a license to.
  4. In the Profile -> Personal details section of the selected User's profile, you can see the following information:
    • If the User has been assigned a product license or not.
    • How many licenses you have in your account.
    • How many licenses from the pool have been assigned.
    • How many licenses are still available to be assigned.
  5. Click the Assign License button beneath the relevant product (Figure 1). If a license is available, it will be automatically assigned to the User.
    Figure 1: Assign a User license
  6. Once a User has been assigned a license, they will be able access the product and begin scheduling.


If you have a monthly subscription and you've already assigned all product User licenses to other Users, you can purchase a single User license as part of the license assignment process.

When you click the Assign license button, a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to purchase and assign a new license. When you click the Purchase and assign license button, the license is immediately assigned to the User and automatically added to your OnceHub subscription.

  • You won't pay for this license immediately. On your next billing date, you will pay a prorated amount for the User license you've just added. The prorated amount will be added to your next recurring invoice. 
  • Once a User has been assigned a license, they will be able access the product and begin scheduling.
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