Assigning or unassigning product licenses to Users

After purchasing User licenses for a specific product in the Subscription and billing section, you can assign or unassign them in each User's profile. 

In this article, you will learn about assigning and unassigning product licenses to Users. 

Managing Product licenses in the User profile

  1. Sign into your OnceHub account.  Then, open the left sidebar and click Users.  
  2. Then, select the User or add a new User whose profile you would like to assign a license to. Learn how to add a new User to your account
  3. In the Profile section of the selected User, you will be able to see:
  • If the User has a product license assigned to or not
  • How many licenses you have purchased
  • How many licenses are assigned from the pool
  • How many licenses are still available in the pool

Assigning Product licenses

  1. To assign a product license to a User, simple click the Assign button for the relevant product. 
  2. When a license is available in the pool, it will be automatically assigned to the User. Only then the User will be able to access the product and begin scheduling.Figure 1: Profile section

Unassigning Product licenses

  1. To unassign a product license to a User, simple click the Unassign button for the relevant product. 
  2. The User license will be unassigned. 

The exception is for the last OnceHub Administrator with an assigned ScheduleOnce User license. When you have an active ScheduleOnce subscription, at least one User license must be assigned to an Administrator and this cannot be unassigned.

NoteWhen the User is the Owner of at least one ScheduleOnce Booking page, all Booking pages will be automatically transferred to the remaining OnceHub Administrator when unassigning a ScheduleOnce User license. 

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