Adding Rooms & Equipment

In order to reserve Rooms and equipment for your meetings, they need to be added to InviteOnce. Once a Room has been added, any User in the account can reserve it for a meeting, provided they have access to the Room's calendar.

In this article, you’ll learn how to add Rooms and equipment to InviteOnce.

NoteIn order to add Rooms in InviteOnce, the Rooms must already exist in your organization’s calendar server.

To add Rooms and equipment:

  1. Sign in and select InviteOnce from the product drop-down menu.
  2. Select Setup -> Rooms & Equipment.
  3. To add a new Room, click the Add rooms and equipment button (Figure 1).Figure 1: Rooms & Equipment section
  4. Enter the email addresses for each Room you would like to add (Figure 2).
    • Multiple Rooms can be added by separating the email addresses with a comma, semi-colon, space or by adding them in separate lines.
    • You have the option to define each Room's name using the following syntax: “Room name”<Room email address> Figure 2: Enter Room details
  5. Click Continue. InviteOnce will verify that you have access to the Rooms’ calendars.
  6. To continue, click the Add Rooms button. Your Rooms have been added to your account!

When scheduling, you can now reserve a Room for your meetings. Other Users in your account can also reserve the Rooms, provided they have access to the Room's calendar. Learn more about reserving a Room or multiple Rooms for a scheduled meeting

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