Add ScheduleOnce to your Facebook page

Let your customers schedule an appointment with you directly from your company's Facebook page. Check out our Facebook page to see how we have done it.

You can add a Book now button and/or you can embed the ScheduleOnce booking page in a custom tab.

Adding a Book now button:

  1. Once you are signed into your company's Facebook page, click on Add a Button

  2. Choose the Book Now button from the drop-down list and insert the Booking page or Master page link within the Website field. Click Create and you are done.

Embedding the ScheduleOnce page in a custom tab:

  1. Install the Static HTML: iframe tabs app:
  2. Go to Share & Publish -> Website embed then configure and copy the embed code.
  3. Paste the embed code into the Static HTML: iframe tabs app and save.
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