Introduction to the InviteOnce Activity stream

The Activity stream (Figure 1) is the central hub where you can view all of your meeting activities. It provides you with various options to view pending meeting invitations and scheduled meetings. Each meeting is assigned a unique Tracking ID which you can use to search for activities, giving you quick access to the information you require.

In this article, you will learn about the information found in the Activity stream.

Figure 1: Activity stream


In the Invitations tab, you can view meeting invitations that you have sent:

  • When you invite a Customer to self-schedule, the meeting invitation is added to the Invitations tab.
  • By default, invitations in the Invitations tab are displayed by creation date. 
    • To adjust which invitations are being displayed, click the Edit button next to the Display field. 
    • You can choose to see either all active invitations, or invitations sent within a specific date range that you define.
  •  Once a Customer schedules the meeting, it is moved into the Meetings tab.


In the Meetings tab, you can view all scheduled meetings:

  • When you Schedule on behalf of a Customer, the meeting is automatically added to the Meetings tab. 
  • By default, the Meetings tab displays all upcoming meetings. 
    • To adjust which meetings are being displayed, click the Edit button next to the Display field.
    • You can choose to see either Upcoming meetings or a list of meetings within a date range that you define.

Sharing access

In the Activity stream, OnceHub Administrators can see invitations and scheduled meetings for all Users in their account. Members can only see invitations and meetings that they created or are assigned to. 

Activity Statuses

In the Meetings tab, the status (Invited; Tentative; Confirmed; Declined; Removed from calendar event) of each Team member assigned to a meeting is displayed.

  • Statuses are automatically updated when the Team member responds to the meeting invitation.
  • Activity statuses are useful when coordinating meetings for Team members in your organization. Learn more about Activity statuses

Booking ID

Booking IDs are unique codes generated for each invitation and scheduled meeting. 

  • Booking IDs are a useful tool for identifying individual activities. You can use them to search for specific meetings in the Activity stream. Learn more about Booking IDs


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